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The Association for Professional Youth Ministers supports the vision of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, through the collaboration with the Division of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, to better serve the young Church. The APYM strives to foster the personal and spiritual maturity, lay ecclesial ministerial identity, Catholic theology, pastoral praxis, and professional practice of professionals in youth ministry.

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APYM Meeting #1
Wed., Sept. 7, 2016
Church of the Resurrection (Ellicott City)

THEME: Pastoral Formation
  • World Youth Day: Acts of Mercy on the Way of the Cross
  • Nick Stein on Pope Francis' Call for Inclusion & Diversity
  • Practical Application: Role-Playing & in-progress Pastoral Care Resource Manual
  • Help us to build the manual by filling out and turning in the Crisis Handbook Form!


On November 12th APYM gathered at St. Michael's Parish to hear Dr. Pat Sprankle, Director of Youth Ministry at St. Louis Parish in Clarksville, MD.

Pat started off by saying:

"Youth ministry is the perfect storm. We have a God who loves us perfectly, we have young people who want to know that love and we are there to bring them closer.  Sometimes there is another storm (paperwork, pizza parties, higher demands professionally and personally)"
What Does A Young Follower of Jesus Look Like?